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Italy's recent amendment to the Sirchia Law banning electronic cigarettes from public places has seen the use of e-cigarettes be permitted in places that traditional cigarettes are banned, such as offices, restaurants, cinemas, public transport and bars. However, electronic cigarette use will be still be banned in schools. 

Giancarlo Galan from the Chamber of Deputies, committee culture described the original law as "excessively restrictive". The law effectively meant that advertising of e-cigarettes was banned in electronic cigarette store windows as the product fell under the same category as traditional tobacco products. 

Galan went on to say that "I merely thought it expedient not to suffocate a new kind of enterprise with obstructionist legislation". Italy's amendment is the first in hopefully many that allow for electronic cigarettes to be classified separately to traditional tobacco cigarettes. 

Sourced: Italian Life 11 November, 2013.


Written by Contact Liberty-Flights — July 21, 2016