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Can e-cigarettes save lives? Short film.

Can e-cigarettes save lives? This short doco gives insight into the world of ecigarettes via interviews with leading e-cigarette advocates in the medical health community, the ecigarette industry (including Liberty Flights) and vapers (electronic cigarette users). Clive Bates is interviewed about his views on vaping stating the annual death toll from smoking is staggering, approximately 6 million smokers worldwide die early as a direct result from smoking. With 700,000 people in the UK having switched away from smoking to using electronic cigarettes surely this trend must be seen as a public health triumph.

The writer/producer of the film from the YouTube channel GadgetsandWheels wanted 'to provide something that encapsulated information for the health community but not exclusively for that audience. It's fair to say that there are some people who are cautious about ecigarettes and you need to reach your own conclusions. There is also a tendency for the media to try to find a contentious angle. So, hopefully this will help to bring some balance in the wider environment.'

The video also explores what is an ecigarette and the different types of e-cigarettes from cig-a-likes to second and third generation e-cigarette devices. There are many reports in the media touting vaping electronic cigarettes is a gateway to smoking despite there being little to no evidence saying this which several of the highlight of the interview. Read more on electronic cigarettes as a gateway to smoking.

Katherine Devlin from ECITA - The Electronic Cigarette Trade Association talks about safety and quality manufacturing and the importance of focussing on consumer protection.

We encourage you to take 20 minutes to watch this informative video and share it.

Written by Contact Liberty-Flights — July 21, 2016