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NRL's Reni Maitua Helps His Mum Make The Switch to e-Cigarettes!

NRL's Reni Maitua Helps His Mum Make The Switch to e-Cigarettes!

10 weeks ago our good friend and NRL Canterbury Bulldogs star, Reni Maitua helped his mum make the switch to e-Cigarettes.

Reni’s Mum, Lynn was a smoker for 34 years and smoked up to a packet of cigarettes a day. Reni contacted us to get a Liberty Flights Starter Kit for his mum who has been trying for many years to make a switch away from traditional cigarettes.

Lynn is now 10 weeks into using her Liberty Flights e-Cigarette and hasn’t had a traditional cigarette since. This is what Reni had to say about helping his mum, “I’m beyond happy with how Liberty Flight's e-cigarette has helped my mum and family. Mum was unsure at first about using the electronic cigarette but her reaction after having her first go was unreal, I wish I captured it on video haha. I’m just glad I have been able to help mum change a habit as I know she has been trying unsuccessfully for years.”

Lynn says “I can’t thank Reni enough for putting me onto Liberty Flights.”

This mothers day Reni tells us that he is giving his mum her next order of Liberty Flights e-Liquids. We have a special Mothers Day offer if you'd like your Mum to make the switch too.

Written by Contact Liberty-Flights — July 21, 2016