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Stop Smoking service manager Louise Ross shares her journey with e-cigarettes.

Blown away with information she was given at an ecigarette summit, Louise Ross started her own journey with ecigarettes. In this video Stop Smoking Service Manager, Louise Ross talks about her team’s path and experience with electronic cigarettes. Louise’s team provide support to lifelong smokers wanting to quit smoking.

Based in Leicestershire UK, Louise’ open minded approach to educating herself and her team about the potential opportunities e-cigarettes could offer smokers, lead her to a very positive discovery. In her 10 years working in tobacco control services, Louise has never had such high success rates of stop smoking as she did when her team introduced their ecig friendly service and starting running community education sessions on e-cigarettes.

Lorien Jollye, a vaper and speaker in Public Health and Tobacco Control also talks about her own personal experience with making the switch to e-cigarettes and the three key elements to her vaping which she believes is different to her previous smoking habit.

Australian quit smoking organisations could learn from this experience and we encourage our customers to reach out to these types of organisations and share their stories. Watch the video now.

Read Lorien Jollye's Blog.

Written by Contact Liberty-Flights — July 21, 2016