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Aspire PockeX - Atomizer

Now available in 2 resistances, 0.6 Ohm (requires lower strength nicotine 1.2% or below) and 1.2 Ohm (can wick all e-liquid strengths best for new vapers)

The 0.6 Ohm stainless steel coil for a sub-ohm experience that aims for more flavour and vapour production at a lower nicotine strength and the 1.2 Ohm Kanthal coil for an experience that is designed for new vapers searching for more throat hit and higher nicotine strengths. 

These PockeX coils adopt the U-Tech coil technology, rated 18-23 watts for the 0.6 coil and 8-12 watts for the 1.2 coil.

Aspire PockeX Coil Tips

Prime your Pockex Coil 

New coils work best if they have time to absorb the e-liquid before vaping. We recommend waiting 3 minutes after installing a new coil and using the device as this allows time for the wick to become saturated with e-liquid and prevents the wick from burning; if the wick becomes burnt then this will be apparent as the flavour will taste 'burnt'.

How many weeks will a PockeX coil last me? 

Coil lifespan is linked to how often the device is used and the type of e-liquid. Some customers have reported using the same coil for months while heavier vapers who use sweeter e-liquids will change their coils every few days. Our view is to replace coils when the taste of the vapour is no longer satisfying, or the vapour tastes 'burnt' as this means the wicking material is no longer performing.

Which PockeX coil do you recommend for smokers? - The higher resistance 1.2Ω Kanthal coil is suitable for 50/50 PG/VG e liquids and stronger nicotine strengths, this provides a tighter draw, and a stronger throat hit.

Which PockeX coil do you recommend for VG heavy e-liquids? - The lower resistance 0.6 stainless steel coil is designed for use with VG e-liquid and lower nicotine strength.


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