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Aspire CE5 (BVC) Clearomizer

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  • Larger 1.8ml tank
  • No leakage and improved airflow for a smoother vape
  • Compatible with our all our batteries
  • Produces rich flavour & great vapour production
  • Replaceable/disposable atomizer heads so affordable to use
  • Fill from the bottom of the tank 

The Aspire CE5 BVC (Bottom Vertical Coil) Clearomizer is a bottom filling clearomizer which holds 1.8ml of e-liquid juice. The Aspire BVC clearomizer has a newly designed coil and airflow system which virtually eliminates leakage issues and gurgling, giving you a smoother vaping experience.

The replaceable atomizer head is easy to remove and replace, making it a more affordable running cost. Add replaceable atomizer heads to my order.

How to use the Aspire BVC Clearomizer

  1. The Aspire Ce5 BVC Clearomizer is filled by turning the clearomizer (tank) upside down (note: you do not fill from the top of the mouthpiece like our disposable starter kit clearomizers).
  2. Then, gently unscrew the bottom ring assembly which also contains the atomizer head.
  3. Add your e-liquid down the side of the tube avoiding the centre airflow column ensuring you do not fill above the end of this centre airflow tube. If you do get e-liquid into this centre airflow tube.
  4. Once filled, replace the cap whilst holding the tank upside down. Leave your clearomizer to soak in the newly added e-Liquid for approximately 3-5 minutes to fully absorb the e-liquid into the coil before first use.

When should you replace the atomizer head

An atomizer head will last approximately 10-20 days, aHow long will an atomizer head lasts guide it's usually more around 10 days. You will know it's time to replace the atomizer when you notice your e-cigarette starts producing much less vapour.

How to replace the Aspire Atomizer Head

  1. Turn the clearomizer tank upside down and gently unscrew the bottom metal cap, then unscrew the atomizer unit from the bottom cap using a paper towel as there will be some e-liquid on the atomizer. Please note if you don't turn the clearomizer tank upside down you find that any liquid in the tank will spill over your battery.
  2. Once you have removed the old atomizer head screw the replacement head into the cap then screw it back into the bottom of the Aspire clearomizer tank.

Add replaceable atomizer heads to my order.

What to avoid

  1. We recommend that you do not let your Aspire BVC Clearomizer run dry of e-liquid, ensure you always leave some e-liquid in your tank covering the top of the atomizer, this will extend the life of your atomizer and also ensure you don't get any nasty burnt taste through drying out the wick.
  2. When filling your clearomizer also ensure you do not get any e-Liquid juice down the centre of the airflow tube.
  3. When unscrewing the clearomizer from the battery always remember to turn your device upside down first to avoid spilling e-liquid fluid over your battery


  • 1.8ml e-liquid capacity
  • Comes pre-installed with replaceable 1.8ohm BVC (atomizer head)
  • Bottom Vertical Coil
  • Hidden wick design (more appealling to look at)
  • Spare BVC coils are available in 1.8 Ohm - add spares to your order now

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