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If you're a smoker, you ingest nicotine several times each day in controlled amounts. It's easy to forget that nicotine is a poison that's dangerous to consume in large quantities.

When handled correctly, e-liquid is safe. There have been isolated incidents, though, in which adults, children and animals have consumed unsafe amounts of nicotine due to improper e-liquid handling. In this article, we'll share some important tips on how to handle nicotine e-liquid safely. If you have an emergency, contact your local poison control hotline immediately.

Keep all e-liquid and vaping products away from children and pets.

How Liberty Flights Protects Your Safety

Liberty Flights manufactures its e-liquids in the United Kingdom, which means that we must adhere to the guidelines set forth in the UK/EU Tobacco Products Directive. Among other things, the law requires us to package our e-liquid in bottles no larger than 10 ml to reduce the potential for serious harm in the event of accidental ingestion. Our bottles also include child-resistant caps.

Wash Your Hands After Touching E-liquid

Although the concern for adults seems to be minor, it is possible for the skin to absorb nicotine from e-liquid. A 2015 study examined the dermal absorption of nicotine from e-liquid and found that the e-liquid had to remain on the skin for as long as two hours before the nicotine absorption reached a detectable level. Nevertheless, you should always wash your hands promptly after touching e-liquid.

Keep E-liquid Away From Children and Pets

Most e-liquids have very appealing scents. If you have a dog or cat, your furry friend has a nose much better than your own. If you leave an e-liquid bottle where your pet could reach it, your pet may attempt to open the bottle and ingest its contents. E-liquid should likewise be kept away from children. Ingesting a bottle of e-liquid can cause nicotine overdose, which is a serious emergency.

We suggest choosing an e-liquid storage location that's impossible for children and pets to reach. Storing your e-liquid in a high cabinet -- preferably with a lock -- or a locking strong box will limit the possibility of an accident.

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