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      Easy to fill and refill 2ml e-liquid cartridges click directly into the battery. To fill the cartridge you just open the stopper on the side of the cartridge and fill the e-liquid into the cartridge. There are no buttons to press, just inhale and vape.

      Simply replace the cartridges approximately every 2 weeks of constant use or per every bottle of 10ml e-liquid. Add the replaceable cartridges to your order here.

      Powered by ECO technology, it's battery life is long lasting and fires a constant wattage so no more dry hits. With no on-off button, you simply inhaled to vape, nice, neat and simple.

      You can vape any strength e-liquid in this device as the Joyetech Teros pod e-cigarette as it uses the latest Joyetech ECO technology which gives a low and stable battery output of 1.85 volts, also giving you a longer lasting battery. It's also suitable for high strength nicotine salt e-liquid. 

      Simply charge the Teros battery by connecting it with a computer or a wall adapter via USB cable. When it's fully charged, the indicator light on the battery will go out. The indicator light will stay green when the battery is fully charged and high and will flash in red when the battery is low.

      The standard colours are black and silver and if you want something different the coloured Teros have thermochromic and photochromic finishes where the colour changes when exposed to sunlight or changes in temperature.

      Teros E-cigarette Specifications
      Size - 90mm x 29mm x 12 mm
      Weight - 57.5g
      E-liquid capacity - 2.0ml
      Battery output mode - 1.85V constant voltage
      Battery capacity - 480mAh
      Colours: Silver, Black, White/pink, Yellow/red, Red/yellow,Purple/red

      Teros Vape Kit Includes:
      1 x TEROS Battery
      2 x TEROS Cartridges
      1 x USB Cable
      1 x Quick Start
      1 x Warranty Card
      1 x Instruction Card

      Buy your choice of 50/50 PG/VG e-liquid in any flavour or strength or VG Heavy e-liquid.

      Read about our * 30 Day Money Back Guarantee here