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Kanger EVOD VV (Variable Voltage) 1600mAh Battery


  • Longer life variable voltage battery
  • 1600mAh capacity
  • Increase or decrease the throat hit and vapour production
  • 4 variable voltage settings from 3.3v up to 4.8v

The Kanger Evod Variable Voltage battery is a high capacity battery that allows for the voltage to be changed on the fly by rotating the dial at the base of the battery. This allows for the voltage to be changed from 3.3v up to 4.8v with clear markings at 3.3v, 3.8v, 4.3v and 4.8v.

The battery has a stylish, flush button and if you already have an eGo style device and are looking for longer battery life as well as the ability to increase or decrease throat hit/vapour production then these batteries are for you.


  • 1600mAh - 105mm x 19mm

How to Use

These batteries have the 5 click safety feature. This enables you to de-activate the battery when it is not in use. To use this feature, click the power button 5 times quickly to lock the battery and again 5 times quickly to unlock the battery.

Charging your battery

When charging the USB led will turn red but pulse the green led every few seconds until fully charged. They can take 3 hours plus to charge depending on the battery size.

Liberty Flights guarantees e-cigarette batteries for 28 days.

Please Note: As a safety precaution we would recommend that you do not leave any battery charging unattended or the use of overstacked plugs. The correct charger should be used at all times for the battery, we recommend only using Liberty Flights chargers with Liberty Flights batteries. These should be charged in isolation.

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