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Cotton Wick Clearomizers (Disposable)

  • Disposable with no fuss refill
  • 1.6ml e-liquid capacity
  • Fits into our Premier and Taste kit batteries.

Replace clearomizer with a new one every 2-3 weeks for a smooth vape.

How long does the disposable clearomizer last?

These clearomizers are the disposable element of our Premier Starter Kit and last for approximately 2 weeks depending on usage. You will notice at around 2 weeks of use, your e-cigarette will produce less vapour and it will be harder to inhale meaning it's time to replace your clearomizer with a new one.

Please ensure when connecting your clearomizer onto your battery you do not over-screw or over-tighten the clearomizer as this may damage the seals.

How to get the best vaping experience with the disposable clearomizer

  1. We recommend that you do not let your disposable clearomizer run dry of e-Liquid, ensure you always leave some e-liquid in your tank covering the wicks to ensure they are soaked with e-liquid. Keeping the wick covered with e-liquid will ensure you don't get any burnt taste through drying out the wick.
  2. When filling your clearomizer also ensure you do not get any e-liquid juice down the centre of the airflow tube.

How to fill your disposable clearomizer

  1. Simply remove the mouthpiece tip by gently unscrewing it from the top of the clearomizer.
  2. Hold your clearomizer on a slight angle and then slowly drip your Liberty Flights XO Brand e-liquid down the side of the clearomizer, be very careful not to pour e-liquid into the centre tube as this tube needs to be clear for airflow.
  3. We recommend you fill your clearomizer to just below the 1.6ml mark to cover the wick which absorbs the e-liquid.
  4. Once you have screwed the clearomizer back onto the e-cigarette battery allow 5 minutes for your e-liquid to coat the clearomizer wick so it have absorbed the e-liquid before you start vaping.
  5. Note: you can refill your clearomizer whilst it is attached to the battery but we recommend detaching it first in case you spill any liquid when filling it.

The Liberty Flights e-cigarette clearomizers provide a great throat hit and create clouds of vapour, simulating traditional cigarettes.

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