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Liberty Flights XL E-cigarette Battery 900mAh

  • Extra Large 900mAh capacity
  • Approx 40% longer lasting than standard 650mAh battery
  • Support both 510 and Ego thread clearomizers
  • Fits all our clearomizers

Our Liberty Flights Extra Large (XL) e-cigarette batteries have the same 5 click safety on/off feature as our smaller 650mAh standard batteries.

Our e-cigarette batteries have a large capacity which enables them to handle low resistance clearomizers that simply drain standard batteries too quickly and then damage them. Our batteries have both a 510 and eGo thread.

Liberty Flights is proud to say that all its batteries are of the highest quality. All our batteries are tested and individually branded, stamped and barcoded to ensure if there is ever a need to recall products, we can.

If kept maintained our battery should not need replacing under 200 charges. Maintain your e-cigarette battery by cleaning the threading regularly so residue does not build up and cause them to be less effective.

Liberty Flights guarantees e-cigarette batteries for 28 days.

Maintenance - we recommend keeping your e-cigarette batteries well maintained by keeping the threading free of e-liquid and e-liquid residue by gently cleaning the connections and threading of the battery with a dry tissue or a cotton ear bud. This will ensure that the battery remains in safe working order and will extend the battery life.

Safety - Please note: As a safety precaution we recommend you do not leave any battery charging unattended or overnight. The correct charger should be used at all times, we recommend only using Liberty Flights chargers with Liberty Flights e-cigarette batteries. These should be charged in isolation to other batteries.

For more information on our batteries check out our FAQs.

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