BREAKING NEWS: Australian Nicotine Prohibition DELAYED to 1 January 2021.

The BBC is currently airing a series in the UK, “Trust Me, I’m a Doctor” which investigates commonly posed questions about health. In a recent episode Michael Mosley set out to cut through the controversy and find out if are eCigarettes are really safe.

The show discusses how electronic cigarettes work compared to smoking. Michael tests a group (note: a small test group) of traditional cigarette smokers to a group who use electronic cigarettes and the affects on them by taking saliva, urine and breath samples to measure and analyse the chemicals in their bodies.

In summary, the test results showed similar nicotine doses for both smokers and people using the eCigarettes however, the electronic cigarette users had significantly lower levels of harmful chemicals than smokers, levels that were found in non-smokers, posing that eCigarettes could be less harmful than cigarettes.

Michael Mosely also interviewed Professor Peter Hajek, the director of the Tobacco Dependence Research Unit at Queen Mary University of London who said that he believes “e-cigarettes, used as an aid to stop smoking, have the potential to eradicate smoking-related disease and death on the population scale”

Watch the video on the BBC's YouTube channel. Note, if you fast track 14.40 minutes into the video, this is where you will find the segment on electronic cigarettes.

Read the BBC story here

Even though media in Australia is now reporting more frequently on electronic cigarettes, their increase in popularity and controversy, there is still a great deal of misinformation about them which often causes confusion about their use and affects. For example, many smokers have recently been confused about how and where buy electronic cigarettes with e-Liquid containing nicotine in Australia. Check out our FAQ’s page which may answer other questions you might have, alternatively our Customer Support Team would be happy to chat to you simply call 1300 662 689.

Written by Contact Liberty-Flights — July 21, 2016