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      As the law currently stands, it isn't possible to buy nicotine e-liquid in Australia unless you import it for personal use. 

      It is a frustrating moment -- both for the customer and for us -- when we receive a call from someone who runs out of e-liquid before his or her next shipment arrives. If you're a vaper, running out of e-liquid is the last thing you want -- and we'd like to prevent that from happening.

      So, how much nicotine should you buy at a time if you are buying online? Every person has different needs, but we hope that this article will provide a starting point.

      What Does Australian Law Say?

      In a given shipment, you can order no more than the amount of e-liquid that you expect to use over three months. You can do that five times in a year, giving yourself a 15-month supply of juice in a 12-month period.

      How Much E-liquid Do I Need If I've Never Vaped Before?

      The problem with deciding how much e-liquid to buy is that you can't know how much juice you're going to use if you don't already vape -- and that's going to add an element of challenge to your first order. This guide can help.

      1: Determine how much nicotine you currently consume.

      Cigarettes undergo extensive testing to determine their nicotine and tar content, so it's not hard to find out the nicotine content of the cigarettes that you currently smoke. You can find the nicotine content of most Australian cigarettes in this chart. Here is the nicotine content of a few popular Australian cigarettes:

      • Winfield Blue: 0.86 mg
      • John Player Rich Blue: 1.2 mg
      • Longbeach Filter King: 1.18 mg
      • Peter Jackson Original Flavour King: 1.11 mg
      • Horizon Blue: 0.8 mg

      Multiply the nicotine content of your cigarette by the number of cigarettes that you smoke per day. If you smoke a packet of Winfield Blues daily, you're consuming 17.2 mg of nicotine per day.

      2: Choose the right e-liquid nicotine strength for your needs.

      Have you decided which e-liquid nicotine level you're going to buy? Now is the time to start thinking about it. We recommend starting with the 1.8% strength unless you smoke a cigarette with very low nicotine content or smoke less than half a packet of cigarettes per day. If you are vaping with a pod system like our DOT PRO kit then you are likely to consume a pod of e-liquid per day if you are a regular pack-a-day smoker. 

      Read more: How to Choose the Right Nicotine Strength

      3: Find out how much nicotine is in a bottle of e-liquid.

      Liberty Flights XO e-liquids ship in 10 ml bottles. To find the total nicotine content of a bottle, move the decimal point of the nicotine strength one place to the right and multiply the resulting number by 10. A bottle of Liberty Flights XO e-liquid in the 1.8% nicotine strength contains 180 mg of nicotine. That's very close to the amount of nicotine in a carton of Winfield Blues.

      4: Compare the e-liquid to your preferred cigarette to find out how much e-liquid you need.

      If you consume 17.2 mg of nicotine per day, that's a total nicotine consumption of 1548 mg over a three-month period. If one bottle of e-liquid in your chosen strength contains 180 mg of nicotine, you'll need to order nine bottles of e-liquid to have a three-month supply.

      Order a Little Extra E-liquid

      When you order your first three-month supply of nicotine e-liquid in Australia, it's wise to include a small buffer because you won't actually know how much e-liquid you need until you start vaping. Nicotine isn't the only active component of cigarette smoke. If you switch fully from smoking to vaping, you may use your e-cigarette quite frequently over the first few days while your body becomes accustomed to the absence of the many other chemicals in tobacco cigarettes. In addition, many new e-cigarette users have slightly lower blood-nicotine levels at first because they're still getting used to the differences between vaping and smoking.

      Don't Get Caught Without E-liquid

      No two people have exactly the same nicotine needs, but we hope we've helped you to make an educated guess with the information in this article. We'd like to conclude by saying that, until you understand how vaping will affect your need for nicotine, it's wise to order a little more e-liquid than you think you need. If you end up using less e-liquid than expected, the extra bottles will provide a buffer while you wait for your next shipment to arrive.

      Want to learn more about e-cigarettes? Read our E-cigarette Beginner's Guide or look at our E-liquid Buyer's Guide.

      Please note: we encourage you to check your state or territory laws before purchasing any e-cigarettes or vape liquids. As much as we aim to stay up to date on things on our site, it’s best to double check with your specific local laws - just to be sure we haven’t missed anything.