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      You're tired of spending a fortune on tobacco cigarettes. You've done some research about e-cigarettes -- maybe you even have some friends who already vape -- and everything that you've read has brought you to this point. You're almost ready to try vaping. For many people, trying to e-cigarettes is a life-changing experience. Millions of people around the world use e-cigarettes.

      Although many people are entirely happy with vaping from day one, starting isn't so easy for others as in finding what works best for them. Maybe you're a long-term or very heavy smoker. Perhaps you simply love the taste of tobacco and want to find the same taste. Vaping is like saying hello to a new friend. In this article, we'll tell you a bit about what it's like to vape.

      Do E-cigarettes Taste the Same as Tobacco Cigarettes?

      We're going to get the biggest answer out of the way first. Vaping does not taste the same as smoking -- even if you use an e-liquid with a tobacco flavour.

      The reason why it is impossible for an e-cigarette to replicate the flavour of a tobacco cigarette is simple. When you smoke, you taste the smoke from burning tobacco. An e-cigarette doesn't produce smoke, so it cannot taste the same as a cigarette. However, e-liquids such as the Liberty Flights XO series approximate the flavour of real tobacco in a way that you'll find just as enjoyable -- if not more so. Our DOT PRO Vape pen, launched in January 2020,  is the easiest to use vape pen and with the latest technology. The tobacco e-liquid pods taste similar to a cigarette to assist smoker replicate the flavour profile they are use to. The DOT PRO Vape pen pods comes in a range of 7 flavours to provide a wide variety of choice not just tobacco. 

      How would you describe the flavour of a cigarette? Would you use any of these terms?

      • Nutty
      • Rich
      • Sweet
      • Robust
      • Savoury
      • Bright
      • Grassy

      Perhaps you detect some of these flavour notes in your favourite tobacco blends:

      • Coffee
      • Chocolate
      • Honey
      • Caramel
      • Anise
      • Black Pepper

      Although it isn't possible to precisely recreate the flavour of tobacco smoke, it is possible to break the flavour down into its constituent components and recreate those components in an e-liquid.

      Often, a person who vapes eventually reaches a time in which he or she runs out e-liquid or simply finds the lure of cigarettes too strong to resist. People who have had a cigarette after extended full-time vaping often tell us that they never realised how horrible cigarette smoke actually tastes.

      Does Vaping Feel the Same as Smoking?

      Once you become accustomed to inhaling a liquid aerosol rather than a dry smoke, you'll probably find -- in terms of the way that you feel when you inhale the vapour -- that the feeling you get from vaping is exactly the same as what you remember from smoking. You may even prefer the feeling of vaping.

      If you look forward to that feeling in your throat when you inhale the first puff of smoke from a freshly lit cigarette, e-cigarettes are capable of producing a similar sensation. People who vape call that feeling "throat hit." That slight irritation that you feel in your throat when you inhale cigarette smoke primarily comes from the smoke's nicotine content. By adjusting the nicotine strength or PG base of your e-liquid, you can get your e-cigarette to produce as much -- or as little -- throat hit as you like.

      Learn More: What Is Throat Hit?

      If you switch completely from smoking to vaping, you may feel slightly "off" for the first few days. Although nicotine is the most powerfully addictive substance in tobacco, it is not the only element that contributes to tobacco addiction. A 1996 study found that tobacco smoke decreases the body's level of monoamine oxidase. Tobacco smoke, in other words, is an addictive MAO inhibitor that increases the body's dopamine level and stimulates the reward pathway. Nicotine itself is not an MAO inhibitor, so it may take some time for your dopamine level to normalize after you switch to vaping -- and the fact that tobacco smoke is an MAO inhibitor is only one of the many differences between cigarettes and e-cigarettes. Most people begin to feel more like themselves after a few days. The most important thing is to ensure that you're maintaining the nicotine level to which your body is accustomed.

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      What Can I Do to Start Vaping Successfully?

      A 2015 study examined the blood-nicotine levels of 47 individuals after they used e-cigarettes. Roughly half of the participants were experienced, e-cigarette users. The other participants were smokers who were new to e-cigarettes. All participants used the same e-cigarette and e-liquid. The study found that experienced e-cigarette users tend to achieve higher blood-nicotine levels than new e-cigarette users when vaping. Both groups had less nicotine in their blood than one would have after smoking a cigarette.

      The study concluded that, compared to smokers, experienced e-cigarette users tend to:

      • Take longer puffs
      • Inhale more deeply
      • Hold the vapour in their lungs for longer periods before exhaling

      Everything about tobacco cigarettes -- from the additives to the paper -- is designed to enhance the delivery of nicotine to the blood. With a tobacco cigarette, taking short, firm puffs is the best way to extract the nicotine from the cigarette quickly. E-cigarettes aren't the same because puffing more firmly doesn't cause an e-cigarette to produce more vapour. To get the correct amount of nicotine from an e-cigarette, puff like an experienced user -- slowly and gently.

      Final Thoughts on Smoking compared to Vaping

      Are you ready to try vaping? We suggest you consider these simple 4 tips.

      1. Maintain realistic expectations. As we discussed above, e-cigarette vapour doesn't taste exactly the same as tobacco smoke. Given just a little time, though, we believe you'll ultimately find that e-cigarettes can produce flavours far superior to that of smoke.
      2. Buy your e-liquid in the correct nicotine strength. We discuss our suggestions in the link above. You may experience withdrawal symptoms if you allow your blood-nicotine level to drop too rapidly. Vaping offers you various strengths so you can find what works best for you. You may just need to experiment a little at first.
      3. Reach out for help if needed. If you need help in getting started then please reach out to us for guidance and our experienced support team will happily assist you. Contact us.

      Want to learn more about e-cigarettes? Read our E-cigarette Beginner's Guide or find out How to Use a Liberty Flights E-cigarette.